Ultimate App for Finding Free Wi-Fi in Japan

200,000+ Hotpots in Japan

Using GPS, you can easily open the map to find the closest free Wi-Fi near you!

Where’s Wi-Fi in Ginza?
Let me check the map.

Explore Japan in Style, Even the Tasty Bits

Whether you’re in Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka, get useful tips for places to eat, shop and enjoy. Just one quick tap.

Where’s a good place
to get sushi in Kyoto?

Stay Connected in Japan for Free

Accessing free Wi-Fi has never been easier. TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi provides tourists with the simplest solution to access free Wi-Fi!

No Charge Anywhere

Enjoy free Wi-Fi access no matter where you go

Hotspots Nationwide

Free to connect to our 200K+ Wi-Fi hotspots across Japan

Connect Automatically

No need to log in. TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi app connects to hotspots automatically

Wi-Fi Hotspot Map

Search for nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and stores with the MAP function

Tour Guide Feature

Get automatic recommendations on popular cafes, restaurants, shopping areas near you

Special Offer Notifications

After importing, all your layers are selectable and have their position, hierarchy and masking set.


Get automatic recommendations on popular cafes, restaurants, shopping areas near you.

Offline Map

Download the Offline MAP so you can still travel easy without internet.


Weekly rankings of downloadable contents


Save your favorite visited places so you can easily find them later.

Learn how to use Travel Japan Wi-Fi

What Wi2 Wi-Fi spots can I use?

Wi2, Wi2_club, Wi2_free, UQ_Wi-Fi, wifi_square, Wi2premium, Wi2premium_club

Do I need to set the wireless LAN to use Wi2 Wi-Fi?

No, download and install the profile for Travel Japan Wi-Fi. Go to the setup screen and click “Install Profile”.

What if recommended info about the area is not displayed?

Turn on GPS in phone settings. Also, try restarting the app if it does not improve after a while.